Monday, June 8, 2015

Graduation Party Cake and Cookies

It's that time of year again, graduation! This year, we got to participate, we graduated high school! Yup, finally!!! So, we thought we would share with you what we had for dessert at our party:

We had cookies, lots and lots of cookies! We made brown sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and no bake cookies. Since we made cookies, we were able to make them ahead of time and freeze them. This allowed us to be able to worry about other things the day of and the day before the party. Our party was on a Saturday, so we took the cookies out of the freezer on Friday, in the morning, and then put them on the trays Friday afternoon. The great thing about freezing cookies, is that you can't tell that they were frozen! They still taste the same as if they were fresh.

We didn't freeze the no bake cookies, because they don't freeze as well as the other cookies, but they are so simple to make, that we easily whipped up a couple of batches Friday morning. We also made some gluten free no bakes (don't worry, we put them on a separate tray). These cookies are extremely easy to make gluten free because all you have to do is use gluten free certified oats!

Now, in addition to the cookies we made, we also had cake. Now, we didn't make our own cake, we ordered it. Again, we did this because we didn't have enough time to make our own cake (and be happy with the result). 

We certainly did like the cake, we thought that it was cute and delicious!

We had a little picture station at our party, and we thought you guys would like to see this silly picture of us:

Now, one last thing, Georgia was the Valedictorian of our class (so, obviously she thinks she's the smartest twin). So, we thought we would share a picture of her giving her speech.

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